Thursday, January 25, 2007


My friend Karen is a Hawain girl, she hates to live in Colorado, but she decided to go snowboarding to check it out. And she was awesome. Really, she did so much better than me for her first time and Christian took her down the blue (red) trail. I thought they both were crazy, but Christian told her it is totally find to go down there....
I just copy and paste her impression of the day, because she wrote it so nice:
I, along with new friends Martini (Martina), Jodie and Christian, took a Mental
Health day and went deep inside the Rocky Mountains and attempted to
snowboard. Clarification - *I* attempted. The rest of them are not just
experienced skiers and snowboarders, they are ski/snowboard gods. Anyway...
The hysteria of which is that follows below. Note: I did not barrel into
a tree. I *did* panic and have the bejesus scared out of me when I saw what
I was imminently to descend when what I thought was the bunny trail was
*not* a bunny trail at all. And it took me two hours to get to the bottom
of the mountain where it took Martini, Jodie and Christian less than ten
minutes. But for my first time out, look at me go! Many, many thanks to
Martina for taking pictures of my adventure and just as many thanks to
Christian who was so patient with me and taught me everything I have already
forgotten. =] "It's just like surfing," says Christian. "Um. No. It's
not." LOL (I only wiped out twice.)

After we came down, we finally had to take a break. Karen you really rock!!!!!!

For sure we will go skiing/snowboarding again soon. It was a great vacation day. Christian and me love to live here, it is just awesome......


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