Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One year of adventure

I can't believe it, but we are now living in the United States for one year. It went by so fast and I'm so glad we made it and there is no need to go back to Germany (sorry Mutschka, I know you don't want to hear that...) We both took a day off to remember that day as it is so special for us. After our arrival on May, 14th last year late in the evning, we didn't do anything that night, just fall asleep. But the next day, exactly one year ago, we went to the "Village Inn" for breakfast and we did the same thing this year. It was just great. We are very proud of us, that we were able to live our dream, not only to live in the United States, also that we were able to buy our own house just 8 month after our arrival. Found a job in a short time period and managed everything we needed and basically established our life over here. "Life really meant it good with us" (I bet that is not the correct sentence in english - this is an german expression) Anyway, it was not always easy, especially in the beginning without a job, but the pressure to get one. The authorities didn't like us, we had to go to every single one minimum twice - which sucks. We had problems with the IRS and we first bought a wrong car... and of course, all of this had cost us a lot money, but I guess that is pretty normal when you immigrate to a new country. However, we just love our life over here and we are really happy. My personal dream came true and I'm sooooooooooo glad that I have a loving husband who stands behind me and support me in full filling my dream. I love you so much. I never said "Thank You" to you, I do it now. Our English is still not perfect, especially my grammar, but I'm working on it every day and I think we are not able to loose our German accent. Ben will have it much easier, he will learn English and German, without an accent. Recapitulatory we are so glad we did this big step and moved over here. We also just want to say "Thank you" to everybody who were and still are supporting us. We love you all. I just can tell everybody: "Don't dream your life, live your dream"



Helena & Helge said...

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch!


Ja, ihr habt sehr viel geleistet und seid in der kurzen Zeit sehr weit gekommen.
Wir freuen uns fuer und mit euch!

Macht weiter so und alles Gute!
Helena + Helge

Ps. Wir haben auch endlich skype. Haben euch eine Test-Massage geschickt, rufen euch bald an :-)

Sanna said...

Happy aniversary! You can be mighty proud of what you have achieved in just one year! :)

Melle said...

Congrats!!! Da habt Ihr Euch hier in Colorado ja ein schoenes Leben in einem Jahr aufgebaut. Hut ab! Macht weiter so...

Heike said...

Hey Ihr Zwei!

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch! Habt ihr toll hingekriegt! Ich zeihe meinen Hut vor euch!

herzliche liebe Gruesse aus Michigan!