Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finally my mom arrived

from Germany, almost a week ago.... We were so busy, so I hadn't had time to write my blog. Here are some pics:

First presents for Ben @ the airport:
I guess I have to hide the keys soon, Mr. Ben really likes driving my car:

We went downtown into the park, of course we haven't been prepared as we didn't plan to go to downtown that day. Ben had a blast, till the staff came and advised us that the little guy needs to have pants on (my goodness he is just 2 years old...) Of course we put him his pants on so that he was able to enjoy the water....
me and my mom enjoying the sun:
And I had my first doctors appointment, I went to the dentist and you guys know I just hate it. They cleaned my teeth for free. In Germany, I had to pay 80 Euro's out of pocket. I was really impressed. And they did a much better job, more service and they checked more... I just say really cool. And the best thing was I didn't need a new filling, it's all good.....


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