Sunday, March 30, 2008

The rearranged living room

Here are finally some pics of the rearranged living room. The room looks now bigger than before and you can finally see the beautiful fire place. We added some new candle holders and a new rack.

This is the view from the kitchen:
This is the view from the corner of the fire place:
and here the view into the kitchen and of course the fire place:
We really like our new created leaving room and spend actually more time in there than before. But as you guys know, every other year I have to change my furniture. We will see how long the living room the way it looks right now, stays :-)


1 comment:

Helena & Helge said...

Sehr schoen!
ich kenne das mit dem umraeumen sehr gut ;-) Wobei ich heilfroh waere erst mal alles einraeumen zu koennen ;-)