Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ben's 5th Birthday!!!!!

I believe Ben had a great birthday. Christian and me took the day of to spend some quality time with Ben. A wise decision as a water pipe broke the night before his birthday..... So Ben went to school in the morning as he wanted to celebrate there and we dealt with the plumber.... After we picked him up from school we had a little celebration at home....

Ben blowing out his candles:

Playing with his new Star Wars Helmet and Gun:

Eating cake:
As it was to cold that day to go to the zoo, we decided to take him to It'z which is an indoor fun place for kid's with all kind of different games to play.... I guess he really liked it.

For dinner he decided to go to the Ultimate Buffet. It's most Chinese and Sushi, but they also have some other food......
He had a great birthday and is now looking forward to his party we will have soon......
Sorry to lazy to write in German and I guess the pictures are pretty much self explaining, I'm so behind anyways with the blog

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD, he is so grown up. I remember when I started reading your Blog when you just left for the US and he was still so little.

Happy belated Birthday to Ben!!